Twinings Fruit & Herbal Infusions, the 100% all natural beverage.

Twinings Fruit & Herbal Infusions, the 100% all natural beverage.

Twinings go natural week.

At Twinings it is believed that people have better days when people have a posivite outlook on life. By living in the moment and making each and every opportunity count we can make the most out of life. Why should you not let a delicous cup of Twining Fruit & Herbal Infusions awaken you and your senses to make each day a good day? Twinings Fruit & Herbal Infusions are a delicious “all natural” product. This tasty drink cleanses the body and has other similar effect like drinking water, with the only difference of having a delicious flavour.

Health and lifestyle blogger “Lucie Loves” has partnered with Twinings and below you can read her experience during her “Twinings go natural week.” The blogger explains how wanted to discover how small changes to our daily habits can enhance our complete lifestyle. Lucie mentions that having her own business and being her own boss has both positve and negative aspects. Yes, she gets to enjoy all the freedoms but on the other hand she explains that taking your own resposibility and never switching off also make part of running your own business and being your own boss. The last two activities require a lot of coffee according to the blogger. As we all know, to much of the beverage might be harmful.

As the year just started, Lucie decided to take part of the Go Natural Week to see whether she could drink more beverages that are 100% natural. In her blog she is reffering to drinks such as Twinings Fruit & Herbal Infusions. In a nutshell, Go Natural Week is about discovering new ways of making yourself feeling good – on the inside and on the outside. The blogger decided to replace her morning coffee with a Twinings fruit tea, which promises to be a 100% natural and easy alternative to feeling good each and everyday. In addition she incorporated more healthy food in her menu. Lucie noticed how the scents of her tea awakened her sense memory every day. Throughout the week the blogger tried different flavours of herbal teas, they include the following:Strawberry and Raspberry,Blackcurrant & Blueberry, Lemon & Ginger and Mango and Strawberry. Every single flavour of tea is blend by a team of 9 Master Blenders who make part of Twinings. In order to ensure the best quality teas this team use their knowledge to pair the all-natural ingredients together and creating a tasty healthy beverage.

In conclusion, the blogger is very satisfied with the results of Twining Fruit & Herbal Infusions. It definitely awakened her mind and made her feel better. Have you also taken part of the Go Natural Week? Please let us know and share your experiences and opinions? Maybe you did change your lifestyle and feel a lot better, feel free to share your personal story.