Horse Insurance: Yes or No?

Horse Insurance: Yes or No?

On this website, BritainReviews, we have a category for cat insurance and dog insurance. But how about other animals? How about, for instance, your horse? A horse is one of the most expensive animals to buy and maintain. Most people don’t have enough land around their house to be able to keep a horse on their own property, and keeping it at a stable or riding school is often quite pricey. The price for hay, straw and, if needed, concentrated feeds and supplements can become quite the monthly expense. Not to mention the expensive saddle, bridle and maybe even car and/or trailer that you need to enjoy your hobby or sport to the fullest.

Just like the costs for maintaining and enjoying a horse is much higher than a small pet, the veterinary bills that come into play when your horse is sick also grow exponentially. Especially since a horse is not as easy to transport so the vet will often have to make a house call. Maybe your horse needs expensive medication In any case, it might mean that you will have quite some worries and cares when your horse is sick or injured.

Besides the emotional value of your beloved four-legged friend, a horse is sometimes also a sports partner or even a source of income if you need him or her for professional competitions. In that case, when your horse is out of commission, that means lesser income and more bills for a few days, weeks, or maybe even for the foreseeable future.

So, considering all the above, why would you take out an insurance company for our dog and/or cat, but not your horse?

And, once you made the decision to take out an insurance policy for your horse, what kind of insurance company should you choose? Should you take a kind of life insurance that pays enough for a new horse when your current four-legged friend has passed? And does this insurance policy keep its value? Or does the money they will pay decrease as your horse grows older? There are also insurance companies that cover damages that you or your horse cause to other people and their property at the stable or on the road. Or maybe you rather want a policy that helps out when you are dealing with medical costs. In that case it is advisable to see if there is an insurance company that covers the situations that are the greatest risks for you.

You might also want to consider what you can do if something is stolen. It wouldn’t be the first time that a horse is stolen, never to be seen again. So why not check out some insurance companies like PetPlan to see if they have a policy that can protect you from encountering nasty financial situations?